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15.3 million people in the UK play sport at least once a week every week, and most Athletes and Grassroots Sport Clubs rely heavily on those willing to volunteer their time to ensure that they and others can enjoy the physical and mental benefits associated with sport and physical activity.

On a worldwide scale sport promotes "aspirational thinking", it drives people of all ages, religions, nationalities, sexual orientation, and social standing, to be the very best that they can be, no matter what their ability. 

Grassroots sport is vital to the continued and improved mental and physical health of our nation, and is a breeding ground for success. Success can be defined in many ways, it could be something simple like someone becoming more physically active, the achievement of a personal goal, someone "making the team", a personal best, a team winning a tournament, or, for the fortunate few, becoming an elite athlete in their own right.

At grassroots level, sport can be played absolutely anywhere, people's home's and back-gardens, village and inner-city streets, local playing fields, rivers and lakes, and schools and colleges, and very often at minimal or zero cost. However, financial investment into the infrastructure of Grassroots Sport is essential to ensure that we as a nation, remain as active as possible.

Koi Sports focus our investment initiatives on activities which will sustain and grow the UK Grassroots Sport sector, therefore if you or your club are in need of funds please let us know, we're here to help.

Feel free to explore our Website to find out more, or contact us to arrange a call.

Koi Sports CIC are registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated by the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked, and that 100% of our profits are reinvested to benefit the communities that we serve, not distributed as Director or Shareholder dividends.


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