Sports Marketing Opportunities for Business, Financial Investment for the Grassroots Sport Sector

Koi Sports twin local businesses with local sports initiatives, and work to help access the rising amounts of money set aside each year, both publicly and privately, to support sustainability and growth within the grassroots sport sector.

The best way to explain how we work is by way of example.

Example 1; twinning (standard level of commercial investment)

Shirt Sponsorship; we are approached to find a sponsor for a local sports team.

Method; Koi Sports approach an existing commercial client, or a new business, who have expressed an interest in raising their profile within that relevant geographical area. Funds, which are held securely by Koi Sports on behalf of our commercial client, are then invested in providing a new kit (complete with the sponsoring company's name) and presented to the sports team that approached us.

Outcome & Benefits; a new partnership has been created, the sports team receive a new kit, the commercial client gets to advertise their business on an ongoing basis through team sponsorship and, as a result of this new partnership, benefits from ongoing positive PR to market their business to new and existing clients, investors, and their local community, and increased awareness of the Sports Club.

Example 2; accessing private and/or public funds (higher level of commercial investment)

New Pitch/Floodlighting/Changing Facilities; we are approached by a Sports Club needing to replace or develop one or any combination of the above.

Method A; Koi Sports work collaboratively with the Club to find a commercial partner who will fund a Koi Sports Feasibility Study on your behalf.

Outcome & Benefits A; production of a comprehensive study which assesses the suitability of the funding pots that are available, and the chances of success when bidding into them for the required level of investment; a Feasibility Study is both a "time" and "money" saver informing on whether submitting bids to access funds are likely to be successful, plus the creation of positive PR for the commercial partner and increased awareness of the Sports Club.

Method B; should the Feasibility Study prove positive then Koi Sports move to secure further investment from the commercial client to fund the costs of us writing, submitting, and managing bid(s) on the Sport Club's behalf; alternatively we will source the bid-writing costs from an alternative commercial partner(s).

Outcome & Benefits B; in addition to significantly improving the chances of gaining the investment required to fund the Sport Club's needs, through the creation of new partnership(s) we create positive PR stories for the Company(ies) to market their business(es) to new and existing clients, investors, and their local community.

In summary, Koi Sports work collaboratively to deliver differing levels of investment into the Grassroots Sports sector to offer financial solutions to common challenges faced by Sports Clubs, Teams, and Athletes, whilst also delivering marketing and positive PR opportunities to our commercial clients.

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