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Below are details of our most current projects, all of them are underway, and a number of different marketing opportunities for Businesses who wish to get involved are available.

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In July 2019 all 15 year-1 students successfully completed the first year of their studies, and, as they progress into their second and final year, they will be joined by a new cohort of 28 local 16-to-18 year old students, all who have chosen to pursue a better life through education.

With success comes opportunity, and for those businesses who engage with our Student Sponsorship Scheme, the chance to “shout from the rooftops” about their commitment to Community Values, and the Personal Development of our next generation.

A fantastic opportunity for Company's to market their business by sharing in the personal growth and future success of our students.

You Can Do Sport are supported by ex-professional and international footballers with Nottingham Forest and Notts County links, Gary Charles, Paul Hart, Andy Reid, and Ian McParland



Aylestone Park Football Club

5-a-Side Breakfast League

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Aylestone Park FC care deeply about their local community, and adopt a "sport for all" mentality.

In keeping with this ethos, their newly established, and affiliated, Breakfast League, is being established to cater for the mental and physical health of local night-shift workers, who's work pattern doesn't lend itself to playing competitive football. 

A fantastic opportunity for Company's to market their business by sponsoring and entering teams into this Leicester-based Breakfast League, or to establish a Breakfast League of their own anywhere in the Country.

Aylestone Park FC's most successful old boy, the former England Captain Gary Lineker OBE, is now an Aylestone Park Old Boy, Club President, and an interested supporter of the Club



Oakham United Football Club

Sustainability and Growth

Oakham United FC are situated in Rutland, England's "smallest county".

Koi Sports are working with their committee to help find ways to sustain and grow this fantastic community club.

More to follow........

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FSD Academy

Education, Diversity & Football

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Koi Sports Clients, The FSD Academy is run by retired professional footballers Matt Piper and Owen Johnson.

With 46 students, all from extremely diverse backgrounds, the FSD Academy offer young inner-city adults the opportunity to follow fit and healthy pathways into higher education and employment.

The "Pay It Forward" project provides a small number of Leicester-based businesses with a fantastic opportunity to market themselves as being socially responsible, whilst helping to mould a more prosperous future for the City.

We will be working with FSD to sustain and grow this inner-city initiative.



Marcus Meadows

Grassroots Tennis

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Koi Sports will be working to support Marcus, Norwich-based Grassroots Tennis Player, through commercial sponsorship of his journey to gain his first ATP World Tour points.

Marcus is passionate about developing British Tennis at a Grassroots level, ensuring that the sport remains safe and accessible to ALL, and will be investing a percentage of any prize-money back into his Community as a way of helping this to happen.


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