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for the Private, Public, Third, and Grassroots Sports Sectors

Whether you're a Grassroots Sports, Club, Charity, or Initiative, looking for investment or new income generation schemes, or a "Business" looking to enhance your reputation, increase sales  and/or bottom-line profits, then please see below and contact us.

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The Together! Programme

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Pay It Forward Business Groups

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Bid Writing and Fundraising

Zero-Cost CSR for UK Businesses

The Together! Programme is a fully-funded, and innovative, Profit Reinvestment Service.

Utilising our Social Enterprise Model, Koi Sports reinvest 100% of Programme Profits into your chosen Grassroots Sports Club, Charity or Social Initiative, for and on behalf of your Business.

By engaging with the Together! Programme, you will enhance your Bottom-Line Profits, increase your Sales Pipeline, and become an Employer of Choice

Network and Collaborate Worldwide

Exclusive and by Invite Only, earn your place, and reap the rewards of Membership

Pay It Forward Business Groups are POWERFUL Self-Marketing Machines for Businesses in the UK and across the World.

Designed to build a Corporate circle of protection around Grassroots Sports Clubs, Charities, and Social Initiatives, Members work together to protect the vulnerable and create pathways of opportunity for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Sustain, Grow and Evolve

Utilise a combined 54 years of experience to successfully fund new and existing Projects.

Effective Fundraising is both a skill and an art form, qualities that the Koi Sports Team possess in abundance. 

From Advice and Guidance, Funding Feasibility Studies, Project Planning and Launch, through to Securing Funds, Reporting, and delivering Project Sustainability, the Koi Sports Fundraising Team are here to help.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.