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Sport Marketing Opportunities for UK-Based Businesses

Experience tells us that all marketing activity should be designed to deliver long term, reoccurring, and profitable outcomes, outcomes that make your business shine, an activity that puts your company name at the forefront of people's minds when they are looking to buy the product or service that you offer.

Marketers the world-over understand the popularity of sport, and collectively spend millions of pounds each year on marketing their business through the professional "side of the game". Although most marketing budgets won't stretch to the £240,000,000 that Budweiser have invested in Superbowl advertising over the last 10 years, businesses can still benefit from everything that Sport Marketing can deliver, it's really just a case of applying "scale". 

Here in the UK 15.3 million people play Grassroots Sport every week, and thousands more turn out to "support their team", thus creating a marketplace which is often over-looked by Company's searching for new and innovative ways to effectively market their products and services. Koi Sports are experts in matching commercial investment to local grassroots sport initiatives, all of which deliver ongoing positive PR opportunities and innovative routes to market.

Koi Sports work within an extremely large and untapped marketplace where organisations of all shapes and sizes can drive new social and financial revenue through their businesses. For a minimum investment of £500, your business can reap the ongoing commercial benefits of raising funds to enrich the lives of local communities.

To learn more about how your business can reap the benefits of engaging with Koi Sports, i.e. the creation of positive news stories to refresh your social media feeds, improvements in staff retention, attracting new investors, winning you new customers, increased revenue from existing clients, and promotion of your company's brand locally, nationally, and internationally, please contact us today to discuss your next steps with a Koi Sports representative.

Koi Sports CIC are registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated by the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked, and that 100% of our profits are reinvested to benefit the communities that we serve, not distributed as Director or Shareholder dividends.


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