The Koi Sports Trademark is a powerful symbol which represents an investment in sport at grassroots level, and a call to action for positive social change. 

Are you ready to play your part in securing a safe and prosperous future for grassroots sport in this country?

To achieve any kind of positive social change, an organisations needs the support of strong and positive people, people who are willing to recognise that positive change comes at a cost, financially or otherwise.

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To achieve our aims and objectives we need the support of this country's athletes, sports teams, clubs, associations, and the businesses who operate commercially within the sport-sector. 

You can help to support Koi Sports in one of two ways.

Runner & Shadow


The value of our Trademark is dramatically enhanced through official endorsements.

There's no direct financial cost to endorsing our Trademark, we ask only that you grant us permission to advertise your logo on our website and marketing materials, as a demonstration of your belief in everything that we are striving to achieve.

The opportunity to officially endorse our activities are open to both professional and amateur sports clubs, sports associations, and organisations that operate commercially within the sports-sector.

Chalking Hands


To own the right to display the Koi Sports Trademark on your clothing, correspondence, and social media feeds etc., is an effective way of demonstrating to your fan-base and local community, your team-mates, club and country, your clients, sponsors and associates, that you have made an investment in grassroots sport and positive social change, funding initiatives that will increase sport participation, promote inclusivity, and play a major part in reducing reoffending rates in the UK.

Koi Sports will not only provide you with regular updates of how our national initiatives are progressing, but also with information specific to our activities within your local area, information which you can use to advertise your involvement in tackling the financial shortfall within grassroots sport, and the social issues we work tirelessly to address i.e. safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, physical and mental illness, poverty and homelessness, the breakdown of the family unit, high rates of reoffending, and so much more.

Investment opportunities range from £50.00 to £10,000, and offer only a social return on investment (estimated to be 191%)


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