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Every week 15.3 million people play Grassroots Sport here in the UK, a figure which is often over-looked by companies searching for new and innovative ways to effectively market their products and services, and is therefore an extremely large and untapped marketplace from within which Company's can drive new social and financial revenue through their businesses. 

Koi Sports offer new and innovative Sports Marketing services that allow you to tap into the lucrative world of Grassroots Sports.

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Grassroots Sports serves to benefit local communities, and is essential to the improved physical and mental well-being of our nation.

As most of us already know, Grassroots Sports Clubs and Athletes rely heavily on volunteers, sponsors, donors and subscriptions, to sustain their ongoing activities.

Financial investment into the future of Grassroots Sport is high on our agenda, so when it comes to finding the funds to pay for essentials such as kits, resources, pitch improvements, and club facilities, Koi Sports are here to help.

If you're seeking investment for your activities, please visit our SPORTS CLUBS & ATHLETES web page, to find out how we can help.