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                          About Koi Sports CIC

Our Purpose

Koi Sports CIC were established in November 2018 to Sustain, Enhance, and Grow,

the Grassroots Sports Sector, promoting a "Sport for All" Culture.

Funding Positive Social Change through Sport

We reinvest the membership fees paid to us by socially responsible businesses to fund activities

that help to sustain, enhance, encourage and grow the following.......

Equality & Diversity . Safeguarding  . Infrastructure . InclusivityParticipation . Education

A Powerful Global Network

Our Directors, our international network of Ambassadors, Role Models, and Elite Champion Members, all play their part in promoting the importance of Grassroots Sport for local Communities, both here in the UK and across the World​.


Under the Hashtag of #ASIDE, Koi Sports CIC fund initiatives which help to Sustain, Enhance,

Encourage and Grow a worldwide Grassroots Sports sector to promote

Affordability . Accessibility . Sustainability . Safeguarding . Inclusiveness . Diversity . Equality

Koi Sports CIC are registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated by the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked, and that 100% of our profits are reinvested to benefit the communities that we serve, not distributed as Director or Shareholder dividends.


Koi Sports CIC Directors

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David Johnson-Rayner


Gifton Noel-Williams

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Josh Rai