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Why we choose the Power of Sport as an investment for Positive Social Change

Played by millions of people of all ages, religions, nationalities, sexual orientation, and social standing, the

global sports-sector is an effective and aspirational vehicle for delivering positive social change.  


Making sport more affordable and accessible is vital to the improved Physical and Mental Health of the

world's population, and by investing both time and money into a delivering a safer and more diverse "sports for all" culture, KOI Sports CIC work with our Members to address many of the social ills which plague society today. 

To demonstrate the "power of sport" we have invested membership fees and surplus profits into successfully addressing:


Discrimination  .  Slavery  .  Inequality  .  First & Third-World Poverty  .  People Trafficking  .  Homelessness  


Koi Sports CIC are registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee, and regulated b

the British Government to ensure that all of our assets are locked, and that 100% of our profits are

reinvested to benefit the communities that we serve, not distributed as Director or Shareholder dividends.

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